Monday, April 30, 2012

The Shanghai "E" Ticket

I never would have thought in a million years, that I would have the opportunity to visit Shanghai, no less, see the Shanghai Maglev in action.

Years ago, my husband's uncle by marriage was stationed on the Yangzee River Patrol in the 1930's. Shanghai was an open town then. Parties, Casinos, Hotels and people from all parts of the civilized world lived and partied there.

I was told that missionaries abounded in China during those times. From little villages to the palace, the gospel of Jesus Christ was shared by Protestants and Catholics alike. Then World War II came, and everyone had to leave. After the communists took over China, the foreigner would have little access to the country except what came out via news reels and via the underground.

Then President Nixon opened the door to China and you know the rest of the story. With the help of the United States, China once again rose to become one of the most prosperous nations on the earth in a mere 40 years. Today, China is on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. And, China was the first nation on the planet to implement a operational electro-magnetic system invented by the Germans, the Trans-Rapid 7 otherwise known as the Shanghai Maglev.

I was excited to ride on the train but due to our very hectic schedule, our hosts said why not ride it from Shanghai to the Airport when you leave! Bravo, a brilliant idea.

Shanghai is an amazing city. Half of it is old and historic. You can see many buildings that were in old movies of the 1930-1950s. Then across the bay you see the modern Shanghai, which looks like a space age movie with architectural designs that would mirror anything imaginable.

The day came for us to depart. We had 90 minutes to get to the airport which was 20-30 minutes away. Our hosts said don't worry checking in is very easy. I reminded him of the maglev, and they were very hesitant about dropping me off there although the ride to the airport is less than 10 minutes. Why? Because if anything goes wrong and you have to catch another transportation vehicle to get to the airport in the traffic, you might miss your flight.

This told me all I needed to know!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


As greedy state governments scramble to get a piece of the High Speed Transportation "pie in the sky" from Washington DC in the form of billion dollar grants, and local officials grab a hold of any thing on wheels that moves tons at a time, we can't help but wonder when is America going to get it right?

After visiting Asia and riding on their high speed trains, our 19th century antiquated choo-choo trains chugging at the speeds of 1950 automobiles on the highways - are a laughing sight to any Asian visitor who now has the privilege on riding on bullet trains, maglevs and visiting the most modern and newest of developments in Macau, China of all places - the Chinese Las Vegas!

No one wants to ride on a train that is as fast as a speeding automobile. No one is going to pay for an old system on new tracks that costs billions of dollars and will carry about 1/10th of passenger capacity due to lack of ridership!

They are calling the project in California, "THE TRAIN TO NO WHERES."

Until Americans get the picture and see what Washington is doing to squeeze out the last vestiage of creativity and innovation from the American inventor, as usual, all jobs and new technology will be created overseas and then imported to America, the big fat consumer who now cannot afford to spend like before. So they will export to up and rising oil based revenue economies that are booming - the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

There are no trains in existence today or on the drawing table that can meet all the requirements for funding of a new high speed transportation system - except the MAGNETRAIN. The MAGNETRAIN is the only system that can go over 250 mph and uses no energy from the grid for power!

Impossible? Was it impossible for man to land on the moon?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Time to CHANGE

President Obama spoke about change all during the campaign. And so far the changes he has implemented have made many people cry rather than rejoice. Of course, having gone through many very sad and difficult experiences, President Obama made some tough decisions based on his personal experience. Those changes do benefit many of the poor and suffering and that is good. But someone has to carry the financial burden of helping the poor.

Jesus said the "poor you will have with you always." In the Bible, caring for the poor was the mission of the church, humanitarian organizations, families and neighbors. Today, that burden has been placed upon the shoulders of the government. The poor you will have with you always.

And having the poor means, the poor will beget the poor and eventually, the poor will many times outnumber the working and the tax paying middle class. When that happens, class warfare will begin. And the change that will take place is something you don't want to know about.

Remember the French Revolution, the American Revolution and revolutions in practically every country where the people began to feel disenfranchized.

Today, it should be the obligation of those in authority to balance the scales between all sectors of the community keeping in the mind that whoever is in the majority will impact the rest. If the majority are people of value and ethics they will impose those values and ethics upon the people. If the people in majority are self centered and ego centric thinking mainly about their own particular ethnic or social group, the rest will suffer.

The change we really need today - is not a change that increases our dependency upon the government and thereby increases the government's dependency upon personal and corporate income taxes. The change we really need is the ability of American ingenuity to be supported and expanded.

How sad it is that many of our finest inventions go unnoticed due to the lack of funding or the lack of government support due to the many in power who are trying to keep the status quo as far as their established corporate clients are concerned.

In America today, we have been blessed with men and women who when given opportunities can make a huge difference in the way the world conducts business, brings innovation to the fore front and also making lives better and the way we do things optimal.

One major invention is the Magnetrain.

The only thing that will bring America out of its financial mess is new technology that is not only feasible and doable but is exportable internationally. Selling this system to China will immediately return billions of dollars back to the US to help reduce the debt. Selling this system to Europe, Africa and the Middle East will IMMEDIATELY give Americans increases job opportunity.

A new high speed transportation system may have as many as 1000 parts and systems attached to it all small companies all employing Americans - 10-1000 to 100,000 people.

It's elementary Watson!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Engineers and Scientists Love Magnetrain

In 1984, my husband Mike and I joined the Magnetrain bandwagon. For the past 25 years we have pursued funding for this breakthrough in Technology from Washington to the private sector to possible foreign investment. We met scientist and engineers at all levels and once they saw the plan and the vision of the Magnetrain they were all very encouraging and in fact we were able to win two of the world's greatest magnetics scientists as endorsers of the Magnetrain, Mr. Rollin Parker and Dr. Klaus Kronenberg.

In the past 25 years, we have also watched American companies and the DOT pour in millions of dollars into systems that "work" but are not feasible for a national transportation system. And at the same time, we waited patiently for the German maglev system to find it's first customer so that what Mr. Roy Vinson had already predicted in 1984 would finally be confirmed, that the electro-magnetic system is not feasible, is too expensive, requires too much maintenance and cannot replace conventional transportation on a national basis -- that customer was the Shanghai
Maglev Train.

To this day, only two electro-magnetic systems are running, one in Shanghai for a short run from the airport to the city and one in German, on a test track that recently made headlines due to a very tragic miscalculation when a fully loaded occupied train of visitors hit a maintenance vehicle.

So what is the solution? Finally in 2009, perhaps this is the year that the Magnetrain will get the recognition it deserves publically as a maglev system that should be given the investment to be developed.

This system is elevated and it is not a monorail. It can be built over existing right of ways, uneven terrain, at grades up to 30%, and does not require the "exclusiveness" of track and roadbed as other maglevs.

It is a dream come true and for the past 25 years dreamers have held on to the vision that someday, this system will be built and put on display for the world.

So stay tuned. The folks on mainstreet can easily understand the system. The engineers are excited about the systems. The scientists who are not committed to other systems are excited. The government will not fund existing maglevs because they don't believe maglevs are a good investment. Once the Magnetrain builds its prototype and two man model, we believe we can change Washington's heart!

No more choo-choo train... Hello Magnetrain!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Transportation Bond to Nowhere?

Pasadena, CA. This coming November 4th, California voters have the privilege of voting on Proposition 1A - increasing the debt of the state by $9,900,000,000 according to an article in the San Gabriel Valley News, October 12, 2008.

Steve Lawrence says that, "so far, no opposition group has surfaced to pay for a campaign against the proposition." No wonder. Why waste another $500,000 fighting against a propostition that was sponsored by "construction and engineering companies," on a bill that makes no economic sense. Hopefully voters will see through it and will be fiscally conservative this election as our nation bails out the mortgage industry. We should not have to bail out the transportation industry too.

To build an 800 mile high speed line from Anaheim to Sacramento makes sense IF there are sufficient paying passengers to make this project doable and financially viable. How many passengers have the need to commute from LA to Sacramento daily?

In Alaska they were building a bridge to no where. In California they want to build an expensive high speed transportation system to nowhere.

Also it is really important that we take a really good look at the type of system
we want to build. Another "on the track - on the grade" train that will zoom through pedestrian and automobile crossings and perhaps will no doubt increase the number of potential accidents and lawsuits. This doesn't make sense.

The article mentionsAT THE VERY END the actual cost of the program is
$45,000,000,000. AND THE REAL purpose of this proposition is to get the $950 million needed for CONVENTIONAL trains and perhaps to put in the emergency system that will help avoid collisions.

Why not just propose a propostion to borrow $950 million in bonds for
Conventional trains? Why put Californians in debt for $9.9 billions for a project that is doomed to go no where's except the drawing board?

Please - stop wasting taxpayor's money!

It's time to think outside the box and look to the future -and the future is an elevated magnetrically levitated transportation system.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Trains One Track? You Must Be Kidding!

The explosion of the Union Pacific freight train as it hit the Metrolink Passenger line last week in Chatsworth is a horrible reminder of the fact that our nation's rail system is operating on 19th century tracks and technology.

With all the billions of dollars that we are spending to bail out Wall Street, with $100 million we could have developed and optimized a transportation system that would eliminate on the ground crashes and accidents.

This shows that our officials have no vision for the future! Common sense is genious and today's leaders have no common sense.

The Magnetrain Worldwide Group has been developing the Vinson Magnetrain since 1984.
This system has been shown in San Francisco and to several major engineering firms. The government has seen this system as well, but yet, they elect to continue to pour research dollars and grants into projects that do not work or are not commercially feasible. They give millions of dollars to established engineering groups so that they can continue to pay their engineers and scientists while their innovations and their new technologies continue to prove unworkable for commercial use.

When will we in America get the picture right! The inventors are alive and well in their garages, in their back yards and in their home grown labs. They are making breakthroughs that will astound the most experienced scientists, but they get not funding and no attention at all.

Unless they are affiliated with a corporate entity they can expect zero funding for research and development.

A new office should be established in Washington called "Innovation." And rather than the government breathing down the backs of these inventors and stealing their inventions if it suits their purposes, we need to give them the credit, give them the ability to participate in the optimization of their technology and fund them 100%.

Most great inventions that the American inventor developed were finally produced overseas because no one in America would fund them.

It is really sad, when people like Warren Buffet who has the money to make a big difference in the lives of the American people would give the Gates Foundation, who has billions already, a huge grant, rather than establish a true entrepreneurship foundation for the inventors and small business men who have a dream that need only $50K or $100K to fulfill it.

I believe if we established a foundation like they did in Bangledesh, giving grants to people to go out and establish their business, when they are successful, they would repay the grant and continue to fund the foundation so others could do the same! We could make the ingenuity and innovation of America great once again!

The people who control the money have no vision. Their vision is only to make more money and destroy their competition.

Well, the competion is destroying themselves. And now the government is bailing them out.
If our government doesn't get a vision for the future, it is only a matter of time, when they become the drowned helping the drowning.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Jetson Age is Coming

I was watching the American Idol commercial in which they were in a Ford automobile being attacked by flying saucers. It looked real and awesome on the commercial. But, when they showed the filming it was plastic flying saucers on a stick with a string just like they used in the 1930's Flash Gordon series. Some things never change.

But, there is a new mode of travel that is coming soon - the age of the maglev.The Maglev train can be modified to be a maglev car or a maglev plane.The use of permanent magnets in transportation is just making it's entrance. Already manufacturers are realizing how much more economical it is to use permament magnets in the motors of our portable machines. It is lighter, replacing the heavy internal copper motor, with light weight magnets. So what is the problem?

Why can't we get the Jetsons up and flying? It's because the people don't know yet how feasible and possible this new technology is. And they don't realize how this one industry will bring millions of jobs to the United States! When the people are informed, they can then inform the politicans and private investors that this is a technology that are supporting and are anxiously awaiting!

It's time to visit our website: http://www.magnetrain.comAlso you might want to visit our energy site as well: